A new cartoon idea

I’m supposed to be taking it a little easier – or so I promised myself.  But I just can’t help doodling.  And late this afternoon I doodled up a new character I’ve called Octavius.  Now a character on his own is not a cartoon, but once created he got into my head a little and I thought about what kind of thing he could be used for.  It sort of ran away with itself.  Honest.

So here’s a test page I created.

I had a bit of fun creating him and feel happier than I have for a few days, which can’t be a bad thing.  I’ve already started sketching Brenda, a female character to fit in his world with him.  Tom will be next…

The cartoon idea is that Octavius tweets about his daily life, much of which takes place in his office, but before I go any further with it I want to create plenty of “scripts” to make sure the idea has legs and also create a good cast of characters.

One day I’ll take it easy…


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