Helping June

It’s been one of those weird mornings where I seem to be jumping about between little jobs and while they’re all important there’s also the feelign that I’m not getting anything substantial done.  And in-between this I’m trying to help June with a few things.

She had troubles with her printer yesterday, but nothing I could do seemed to fix it and I’m at the point where I think it may time for a new one.  This led directly onto this morning where she was doing some drawing in one room and looking at a picture on her computer monitor in another because she couldn’t print it out.  This was obviously a little silly, so I dug out my old laptop, which has a battery that no longer holds charge, but will still work when plugged in.

I set it up near her art desk and it decided that it was going to be unbelievably slow doing everything.  By the time I’d created her a user account on the laptop and linked it to her other computer half an hour had gone by.  Once it was set up it was perfectly fine, but the slowness of doing so nearly drove me up the wall.

Returning to my coffee and biscuits, I thought that I’d be able to get on with something again and was called down to look at her main computer because she said that there was something wrong with Skype.  It was behaving a little oddly, with greyed out icons for people who are online, but the main problem was that one of the people she was trying to call didn’t appear to be online.  I have no idea how June’s friend expected Skype to work if it wasn’t up and running on her computer.  🙂

Needless to say, I’m feeling much better this morning in spite of waking up at 6:25.  I’ve done that each of the last four or five mornings – almost exactly the same time each day no matter what time I went to bed the night before.  Perhaps my daily clock is too finely tuned.  A lie-in every once in a while would be nice.

I shall go for another walk after lunch and see if I get the same weirdness I did yesterday.


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