The post has arrived

I just heard the post being pushed through the letterbox and fall to doormat.  I know I’m not due anything interesting so the likelihood is that it’s just junk mail or bills.  Or both.  It can stay there until I go down to make myself a coffee a little later.  Much more efficient to cover both things with one move.

I find that I’m thinking in these terms more and more all the time.  Take this morning after my shower – I went out to feed the fish and took the kitchen waste to the compost bin at the same time then brought the milk and eggs in from the front doorstep on the way back.  Yes, that’s a minor thing and many people may well do things in a similar manner.

I find, though, that it’s extended to the point where I like to think things through before doing them.  If I’m taking a trip into town I plan out my route around the shops based on what I need and what I perceive to be the most efficient.

This can have a down side, though.  The other day we went grocery shopping and I had it in my head where we were going and what we probably needed.  Then June told me she needed to go to a different supermarket because they had a greater range of items.  For some reason this put me in a grumpy mood and the only reason I can think of is that my plan was completely changed and I had no time to mentally adapt.  How stupid is that!

I’m thinking that I’m in danger of becoming a slave to my mental routines and planning.  Clearly I need to be much more impulsive.


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