Watering the garden

Yesterday evening I spread some weed n feed over the lawn and because it needs to be watered in within a few days I checked the weather forecast this morning.  Unfortunately, it looks like we’re not getting any rain until Monday in this part of the country.  This meant that most of this morning has been spent with the hose watering the lawn, doing the flowers and shrubs as I went along.  It seems ages since we had some decent rain and a few of the plants were struggling a little, which won’t have been helped by the frosts we had earlier in the week.

It’s a pretty boring job, of course, but taking the chance to listen to some great music while doing it certianly took the edge off.  first up was a guy who makes music under the name of Man Made Noise.  He actually originates from my home town of Hull and has a sound that’s very reminiscent of Elbow at times.  Next up was the Manic Street Preachers – I thought their last album was brilliant, apart from the last track which I dislike.  I then moved onto David Gilmour’s Live in Gdansk album, which is fantastic and which was still playing by the time I got to the end of the watering.

I hope the neighbours weren’t listening – I got quite into some of the songs and found myself singing along, which must have been frightening for anyone nearby.

2 thoughts on “Watering the garden

  1. Never mind the neighbours, music is one of the nicest things to enjoy (especially when doing something you don’t find that exciting). Singing along just helps you enjoy it that little bit more.

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