Sunday lie-in

Or, rather, not a lie-in.

I forgot to switch off my alarm clock last night and it went off at seven this morning waking me up.  This in itself is a minor miracle as I’ve been waking up well before it goes off for a while, so I was a little bewildered.

I switched it off, started to rise from the bed and then realised it was Sunday.  I pulled the duvet around me again and closed my eyes.  My brain, however, kicked into gear and before I knew it I was thinking all kinds of creative thoughts and soon found myself wide awake.  So much for the lie-in.

I think I need an alarm clock that only works for six days of the week.


4 thoughts on “Sunday lie-in

  1. I can kick myself when I accidentally leave the alarm on, although it is usually not the alarm that wakes me.

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