Some weirdness yesterday

Yesterday I had a bit of an odd episode.  I woke up feeling pretty refreshed and ready for the day’s work and was going very well until about 11:30 when I started feeling a little strange and a headache came on.  As is often the case with these things, I tried to work through it, not wanting to resort to medication unless absolutely necessary.  However, over the next hour the problem got worse.

The headache spread so that it was affecting my neck and shoulders and I felt like the flu was about to take over my body.  I really felt dreadful and had to abandon my work.

Because it was lunch time by then I took some tablets for my headache and had something to eat.  Half an hour later the headache was lifting so I went for a walk to the shops to get some fresh air.  By the time I got back I was feeling so much better I could hardly believe it.  From feeling really ill to recovery in such a short time is so odd.

The rest of the day went swimmingly and I even did a little painting in the evening I felt so good.  While I’m really glad that I didn’t have a major illness come on, it’s a little spooky when I have no idea what my own body is doing in such instances.

This morning I slept through until the alarm woke me at 7am and although it’s over an hour later now I feel like I still haven’t woken up properly.  Why does having a good night’s sleep seem to make you more tired when you wake?


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