Bears for Leilani

I’ve just finished painting the above picture for my granddaughter, Leilani.  It’s about 4 feet by 3 feet and the colours have been chosen to match the decor of her nursery.  The photo doesn’t quite do it justice, but I think part of that is because the light is fading.

My other granddaughter, Caitlin, is seven next week and so I’m taking her out to lunch on Saturday and then we’ll probably visit the toy shop for her present.  I’ll no doubt be worn to a frazzle before the end of the day.  🙂

I had another good writing day today, so to top it off with finishing this picture feels great.  Now I feel like going for a walk for a beer, but I probably won’t.


5 thoughts on “Bears

  1. Now that is a really charming painting. I love it. (Note to self: use natural media for a change when painting)

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