A Hot, Busy Saturday

I couldn’t believe how hot it was yesterday, considering we’re still in May.  It looks like it’s going to be another hot one today, too.  I think today may be mostly a reading day.

Yesterday, though, was pretty busy, but a lot of fun.  I went through to Hull to see family and to take Caitlin (one of my granddaughters) out to lunch.

I called in to see my other granddaughter as my first port of call.  Leilani is now ten weeks old and as I haven’t seen her for a few weeks the change was pretty big.  She was so much more alert and as I was holding her and talking to her she was smiling an laughing at me, which must be one of the most pleasant things ever.  I think they should show film of laughing babies after the evening news every day and the whole world would be a much better place.  I delivered my Bears painting, which seemed to go down very well.

I went to see my Dad and brother next and was surprised to see that a shrub I bought Dad a couple of years ago has burst into beautiful flowers, which didn’t happen last year.  They’d bought themselves a new VHS/DVD combination player and recorder and although it was working it didn’t seem to be recording the Sky programmes.  As far as I could tell it was all connected up okay but not having Sky myself (I don’t want to give money to Murdoch’s empire) I have no idea why it wasn’t working.

I went to see Shaun, Emma and Caitlin next.  they moved into a new house last year and have only just got their new Koi pond finised with the fish finally in place.  Their garden is very much in the process of being finished, but it’s easy to see how it’s going to shape up when they have everything in place.

I took Caitlin out for lunch and she had some nuggets and fries with a huge milkshake.  She was convinced that the nuggets were made of fish for some reason, but they were definitely chicken.  Perhaps they looked a little like fish fingers and that was the connection in her head.  After lunch was finished we drove to Toys R Us so she could pick out something for her birthday, which is next week.  As we headed there I tried to tell her that we should go home because I couldn’t remember the way but she wasn’t having any of that.

As soon as we stepped in the door she spotted this pink horse and decided that she wanted that.  I suggested we take a look around just in case she spotted something she wanted more, but as we walked around her mind was clearly on the horse and we came away with it.  Still, as it was what she wanted I’d have to consider it mission accomplished.

We went to the park on the way back home.  This was one of the parks I used to take her dad to (along with my other sons) when they were young.  It’s changed a lot over the years – all the large climbing frames have been removed and there are no longer any boats on the boating pond, which now looks pretty bleak with just a few ducks and geese paddling the surface.  A woman was feeding them with her daughter and was kind enough to give Caitlin some of the bread to join in.

When I took her home Caitlin couldn’t wait to show her parents the horse.  They both laughed because she’d spotted it before and had obviously wanted it for quite some time.

Shaun had previously had a few goldfish in with his Koi and wanted to separate them, so he gave me three for my pond.  One of them has a fantastically long tail and matching fins while another has markings very similar to a Koi.  The third is a little more like a traditional goldfish.  I quickly got them into the pond when I got home because I didn’t want to stress them out too much in the bucket I used to transport them.  They didn’t seem troubled by their ordeal and seemed to be getting frisky with my established fish.

I then decided to mow my lawn, which is very dry at the moment, and June and I sat in the garden for our evening meal to enjoy it once again.  I took some pictures of the pond and surrounding plants, a couple of which are below.

Pond and plants
Pond Fish

All in all, a very good, if hot and busy, day.  I finished it off with some drawing – cartoons for both Mitchell and Octavius.  I just posted the first of the new Mitchell cartoons this morning.


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