Fighting Back

Looking back at yesterday, it seemed like I wallowed in my misfortune a little too much.  My mood hasn’t been the very best in a general sense for a while, so it’s pretty easy to slip into the frame of mind where one setback takes on far greater proportions than it should.

While I’m still angry that I’ll probably be losing a fair bit of money, I’ve got to put it into perspective and move on before it gets out of control.  I have, after all, still got other projects on the go and I’m lining up others all the time.  It’s not like this loss is in danger of putting me on the streets or preventing me from earning my living in a broader sense.

Unfortunately, this is probably not the case for the employees at the company that’s gone out of business and with the ups and downs of the games industry at the moment, new positions may not come to them immediately.  They are talented people, so I would imagine that they will all get new jobs eventually, but the uncertainties of suddenly finding yourself without work is tremendously worrying.  Having been there twice in my life I know how difficult it is and I wish those guys all the best of luck in finding new jobs.

I have a lot to be thankful for.  While working freelance has more than its share of potential problems, I’m doing something that I enjoy and I get to work with a wide variety of talented people, who are always inspiring in some way, however small that might be.  People who have found their ideal job and then complain about it need to get a grip of themselves.

What I do can be hard at times and not without its fair share of stress, but without the challenges it would be a pretty boring job.  There are times when I doubt my own abilities, particularly when the writing comes easily, but without some kind of self-regulation none of us would ever grow as creative individuals.

So I’ve had my bit of self-indulgent moping and it’s time to fight back, get my mind into gear and get on with the things I do well, striving to do better all the time.

At least I’m not digging ditches.


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