Sunday Morning, Feeling Good

June and I went for a drink last night, I had a bit of a lie-in this morning, I took my time getting myself together and I feel good.

There’s evidence to suggest that, taken in moderation, alcohol is good for us.  As I haven’t been out for a drink for a few weeks, visiting the pub last night was very welcome indeed.  I don’t like to get drunk these days, but three pints of Abbot Ale, which is fairly strong, was enough to make me a little merry.

So this morning I feel good.  I was hoping to trim the hedges at the front of the house, but it’s blowing a gale at the moment and I’d probably end up chasing the clippings down the street.  I’ll mow the lawn this afternoon once it’s dry again after yesterday’s rain.

On the subject of feeling good, or not, this article on the BBC news site suggests why we creative types may all be a little mad.  When we try to deal with our problems, it’s often easier to do so if we can get some sort of handle on the  causes of those problems.

I posted a new Mitchell cartoon this morning, which I drew yesterday.  Just the thought of him rolling about with laughter at the misfortunes of a dog makes me smile.  I have nothing against dogs, but have no difficulty putting myself into Mitchell’s position and seeing why he would find it so hilarious.  This is probably what the BBC article was pointing to with the similarity to schizophrenia in creative minds.  Well-developed characters speak in our minds with their own voices, but we know they are only the creations of our imagination.

The next Story to Nowhere episode will be posted tomorrow and this morning I created it.  I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to say, but as I began writing it came to me quite quickly, along with the idea that I wanted to draw the image in pencil instead of in Photoshop as I have been doing.  I don’t know if this will continue, but I’m pretty pleased with the end result.

By the smell of the aromas drifting up the stairs, I think that my lunch is being prepared by June and so I’ll close this off before I’m called to the table.  Now I can smell it I realise I’m feeling rather peckish…


4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning, Feeling Good

  1. Great now I am feeling hungry too.

    I actually found the BBC article rather helpful and I wish someone had thought of finding me a special place – skunk room – in my more recent jobs where I could work without alarming the others. Even better if they had left it open 24hrs for those occasions when you just need to keep going!

    Created my own now skunk room now – complete with fluffy bunny, small child a trampoline and a clock which doesn’t know that 9 or 5 are significant. I work far more productively now.

    Enjoying Mitchell.


  2. Thanks, Kay, I’m glad you like Mitchell.

    Learning how to deal with the ups and downs of my own creativity is something that’s only come about fairly recently and this blog is very much part of that process.

    I think the pub may play a more significant role in keeping me sane in the future. I wonder if I can claim it against tax. 🙂

  3. THe BBC article was very interesting indeed, it is always nice to hear that being a bit crazy is quite normal for a lot of people. Sometimes it feels that you’re the only one that sees things different.

    I also like you’re attitude towards a nice brew 🙂 In moderation alcohol can be very good for humans. Hell, it’s pretty safe to say half the human population would not have been born if it wasn’t for alcohol. We -as a species- depends on it for our continuing planet domination. But that’s just my take, science and religion might look at it from a different angle.

    Also it is just great to get out the door and spend an evening in the pub.

    On another note, I managed to get Special Enquiry Detail running on my Mac using vmware and a lot of voodoo. Quite enjoying it so far, eye spy games have come a long way since I left the casual scene.
    The number of people that worked on the game is staggering (I always check out the credits of course). Will talk to you about it more once I get further in the game.

  4. My night at the pub relaxed me so much today that I forgot about the Formula 1 Grand Prix race today. 😦

    The voice acting in the game has come in for a bit of stick from comments I’ve read, but people who can get beyond that seem to be enjoying it. I’d be interested to know what your thoughts are when you’ve finished it.


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