Moles and other things

It’s been a little while since my last posting on here and it surprised me how quickly the time has gone since then.

We woke up this morning to find a mole hill on the lawn and the thought of a never-ending chasing down of the blighter filled my mind instantly.  Merlin was watching the small mound of earth, so we had a feeling that the mole was still inside.  June and I inspected it and could detect no movement and wondered if it had gone.  A little later, though, June was taking a look and thinking about how it might be disposed of, when Merlin managed to pull it from the hole.  However, I don’t know why but apparently he then seemed a little confused about what he should do next and simply stared at it.  June, realising that she couldn’t waste the moment, grabbed hold of it and took it to the woods at the rear of the house.  I must say that I’m impressed because I would have thought twice about picking it up without wearing gloves.  I just hope she’s moved it far enough away from the garden so it doesn’t return.

Apart from the bit of damage to the lawn, the garden is looking good.  It’s taken a lot of watering over the last week with the hot weather on top of the fact that we haven’t had very much rain for ages.  So yesterday’s rain was very welcome.  Not only did it give the garden a good watering, it also re-filled our water butt.  We have a group of irises in the pond which have just come out and look wonderful.  The hydrangeas seem to be struggling a bit at the moment and there aren’t many flower heads coming through yet.  It must be the way the weather keeps veering between hot and cold on a seemingly weekly basis.

I put in my claim to the people handling the liquidation of my client.  I still have a bit of a sour taste in my mouth over this, but at least I had some good news on other projects coming up.  Fingers crossed there.

We have a BT Vision box and on Saturday I had trouble setting Wallander to record.  Then yesterday we couldn’t access any of our recorded programmes.  We then had an error code come up which told us to reset the broadband router and the BT Vision box.  However, this made matters worse and the box wouldn’t come back at all,remaining on the boot screen.  Turns out one of our adapters is on the fritz, so I phoned them up and they’re sending replacements, which was pretty painless.  Unfortunately, we’ll be without the means to record anything until they arrive.

I’m reading a book at the moment that I nearly stopped reading on two occasions.  I’m determined to see it through, but there are too many things that happen easily for the hero or are presented in a very matter of fact way.  There was also two chapters of exposition, flatly presented, one after another.  I actually started falling asleep during one of those chapters.  Exciting this book is not.

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