A visit to the hospital again

June had another appointment at the hospital for her knee – a pre-op assessment.  While I was waiting for her I did some typing and one of the things I wrote was a blog entry for this blog.  Unfortunately, when I re-read it a short time ago I realised that it was simply too whiney and although some of the points I covered I feel quite strongly about I really didn’t do them justice and should take my time to cover the points in a fuller way.

June’s really not looking forward to another operation – and who can blame here – so each visit to the hospital is not so enjoyable for her.  I think the tension is getting to both of us as we felt exhausted when we got back home and it’s not as if we did anything particularly physical.

On a connected note, I just learned that our good friend Laura MacDonald has recently had surgery over in the US.  The surgery was pretty serious as she’s had a few of her vertabrae replaced, which sounds quite scary to me if I think about it any depth.  I know that a few of the people who read this may know Laura from her contributions to gaming websites and for her involvement with the game developer, Momentum and the excellent game they produced, Culpa Innata.  I’m sure everyone who knows her will wish her a speedy recovery.  Get well soon, Laura.


2 thoughts on “A visit to the hospital again

  1. Yes, I have spoken with Laura about Culpa Innata on the GamesConvention in Leipzig. I hope both she and June get well soon.

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