A hot, busy day…

Well, busy in a relative sense.  I went to see various members of the family today.

My father and I went to my mother’s grave to take some flowers.  It would have been her birthday today so it was good to go with him.  We took a watering can with us so that we could give the grass on the grave a good soaking – it’s been ages since we had any decent rain.  My sister must have been there before us as there were already some flowers by the headstone.  By the time Dad and I had placed ours there, too it was quite a beautiful spread.

I then went to see David and Katie and my youngest granddaughter, Leilani.

Leilani at four months old (nearly)

 She was really pleasant the whole time I was there and I even got to feed her.  She must have been really hungry because she was sucking on the bottle like crazy.  This was taken after her feed and she just seems so content.  David and Katie were good, too.

I then went to visit Shaun, Emma and Caitlin, my older granddaughter.

Caitlin with static electricity in her hair

She’d been at dance class this morning and when I got to the house she’d already changed and was in her paddling pool in the garden.  A little later she got changed and went on the trampoline, which is what caused the static charge to build up.  she’s also in the process of losing her milk teeth and getting her adult ones.  Shaun and Emma are in the middle of lots of garden and house renovation and I was thankful they didn’t manage to rope me in.

At the moment I’m in the process of watering my lawn, which is so dry I wonder if it will ever recover.  then I must do some cartoons for the week…


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