Continuing frustrations with the Broadband

I’ve not been able to give my sites and blogs the attention they deserve because of the phone and broadband problem.   I hope that those of you still coming to the site will be able to bear with me.  I’m trying to make this as quick as possible as I don’t want to spend too much time on this other network.

We’ve been in contact with BT a number of times and it really seems like it’s a case of one hand not knowing what the other is doing.  Which is actually a real shame as I’ve had very few problems over the years with the actual quality of the broadband.  But when they screw up they seem to do so big time.

No one has been back down the street since the engineers came on Monday and made the problem worse.  Okay, we had a noisy phone line, but the broadband was working.  Now we have nothing at all.

Ah, well…

Perhaps we should have it run on steam or clockwork.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Continuing frustrations with the Broadband

  1. this is a case when you don’t feel better knowing other people have the same problem. you can’t form a support group for those exasperated by their ISP s…. but at least you can curse on your own blog. like i did 😀

  2. The most frustrating this is that even if I changed ISP it would do no good because it’s the phone line that’s broken so there’s nothing coming in and out. 😦 This temp solution is rubbish.

  3. i have the option of switching to another ISP – not the one who should drill holes – with a dedicated optic fiber line. quality guaranteed, phone and CATV included, but it would cost more than twice as much as the actual provider, and this only if i pay for a year in advance. i’m still considering this option, and i think of it each time my connection falls. in the end, it’s a matter of money, i’m sure bill gates could afford a private connection under the polar ice shelf, should he decide to relocate there.

  4. I’ve had no problems with failing connections and the wifi has been really good, but now something has gone wrong it’s done so on a big scale.

    One funny thing is that while looking for a network to use I found that there are six BT home hubs in range of my netbook.

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