The landline phone is back, which means the broadband is back, which means lots of glorious online distractions and the chance to do a proper blog post.

Today has been mostly spent not online as I went to visit family as I try to do every other week.  This time, for a change, I took David and Leilani to see my Dad and brother (Katie wasn’t feeling too well, which was a shame).  A short time after we got there she fell asleep and when she woke up David asked if I wanted to feed her, which I obviously did.  I love feeding babies – they always seem so content and cute when taking the bottle.

Just as she was getting close to finishing the feed, she started filling her nappy in a big way.  I didn’t thinkshe was goign to stop and there was so much of it that it leaked out of the edges and onto my trousers.


Although it’s never very pleasant, it’s hardly the end of the world and as Leilani was giggling away it was hard to be mad at all.  Needless to say, I drove home with the windows down all the way.

Unfortunately, when I got home I found that June had had indigestion all day and has just spent the last four hours asleep on the couch.  I hope that it’s nothing too troubling as she needs to be well enough to have her knee operation in a couple of weeks.

I’ve just been watering many of the plants in the garden.  It really seems to dry out very quickly in this weather.  I think that if we get any more summers like this one we may have to think of a bit more shade to help retain some of the moisture.

I’ve also been drawing the two Mitchell cartoons for this week, the first of which I’ll be posting tomorrow as the schedule gets back on track after my unplanned hiatus.

As far as my own health goes, although I’ve been feeling pretty tired with the hot weather, generally I’ve felt much more positive over the last week or so.  Not only has the game writing been going very well, the development of my TV comedy idea has progressed well and I’m almost at the point of doing something with it.  The script for the first episode needs another draft, but the structure is strong and the comedy, I think, works well.


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