The Steve Ince Daily have a service you can use if you’re a Twitter user that takes links from your Twitter feed and creates your own “daily paper”.  Mine is here: The Steve Ince Daily.

At first it seemed like a gimmick and in many ways it is, but it’s a clever thing to do and very useful for all those things I might have missed in the Twitter feed itself.

My other blog is down

My other blog, Writing and Design, is down at the moment, but I’m not sure why.  It could just be that the database server is down for maintenance or something.

I was actually going to post something about not being at GamesCom this year, but clearly I’m going to have to wait until it’s back online until I can do so.

On a completely disconnected note, I have a pain in my back but it doesn’t feel muscular.  I’m going to give it a couple of days to see what happens.

Update: Writing and Design is back up again.