Busy, busy, busy…

I just realised that it’s been such a long time since I posted here I ought to spend a few minutes to put things right.  I’m very busy with work at the moment, which is why I have so little time for other writing.  This is a good thing, obviously, but I do feel a little bad that I’m neglecting the people who pop in here from time to time to check on the blog.  Sorry.

I’ve actually started on a diet of sorts.  It’s not anything slavish, just reducing the size of meal portions a little and not eating things like biscuits between meals.  I’m also doing a little more exercise, which is helping me feel better.  My mental state has improved somewhat, but I don’t want to speak too soon about that.

I have a busy few days coming up.  This evening we’re having a meal with some friends, tomorrow evening I’m at an event to meet Alan Bennett, Saturday I’ll be visiting family and Monday I’m at the Script Factor event at York Theatre Royal.  Should be fun.

The weather this morning has been strange so far.  Very thick fog when I woke, which has slowly cleared leaving a sky with not a cloud in it and lovely autumnal sunshine.  I hope it stays like this all day.

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