A little lighter…

A few weeks ago I decided I was a little too overweight and felt I should do something about it.  So at the beginning of the month I changed a few things in my life.

I’ve been doing stretching exercises every day since I had trouble with my neck and shoulder, then with my back and finally with my foot last year.  My general muscle tone, though, hasn’t been very good for a while and it’s probably as a result of sitting at the computer all day.  So now I’m doing some weight exercises and squats, along with much brisker walks to the shops when I go out each day.  Even with these few changes over a few weeks I’m already feeling much better for it.

My biggest change has been to my diet.  I’m not counting calories or anything like that, but I’ve cut down a lot just by taking a little less sugar in my tea and coffee, drinking more water instead of juice drinks, not eating biscuits between meals and cutting down on the size of the portions at meal times.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take my stomach long to get used to eating less, which is where the main battle lies with will power.  I’m ready for my meals when I have them, but I no longer have the unnatural hunger pangs I used to have before.

I got weighed this morning and I’ve lost ten pounds since the start of the month, which I think is pretty good going, particularly as I had a few days last week where I did no exercise after straining my back a little.  A little more and I’ll be at my lowest weight in over three years. 🙂


3 thoughts on “A little lighter…

  1. Way to take it little steps at a time 🙂 Keeps you motivated and gets you long term results. Don’t forget to drink your water before each meal.. Helps kill the hunger cravings too 🙂

  2. I know this is an old post, but I just happened to bump into it…

    Regarding back problems, etc., you might want to check out this blog post – seems that new research indicates or concludes (can’t remember which) that people who sit down a lot are vulnerable to possible back problems (and similar issues) even if they exercise regularly. Seems the key is to also do small exercises several times during the day.


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