Water, water…

I seem to be drinking more and more water all the time.  Well, fluids in general.  I don’t drink too much tea and coffee – maybe three mugs a day – and have a couple of glasses of juice – but inbetween these I seem to be drinking lots of water.

I’ve always been one for drinking water instead of over-doing the coffee or tea, but it’s definitely on the increase.  Sometimes I’ll drink a glass of water and still feel thirsty afterwards and so have another, which doesn’t strike me as a good sign.  And, of course, another effect of this is that I go to the loo an awful lot.

Yesterday I did a rough estimate on my fluid intake and I must be drinking something like 6 0r 7 litres of fluids in a day and it could be more.  I know that people vary in their intake, but this seems a lot more than the normal 4 litres I’ve seen quoted in various places.  Even if this amount is within reasonable bounds, what happens when I reduce this probably isn’t.

If I’m out for the day and don’t drink as regularly as I would normally do, the following day I can feel as if I’m unwell, which explains why I’ve been feeling so up and down lately.  I’ve only just made the connection and seen this as a pattern, but it explains so much.

June and I have a strong feeling that it could be diabetes, but I’ve had tests for this a couple of times in recent years.  However, this is clearly a serious problem so I’m going to have to visit the doctor again and insist on more tests.

Although no one wants to be diagnosed with a serious complaint, I’d rather have something I can get a handle on and learn to deal with than struggle along with something unknown that’s virtually impossible to treat.

A day of bits and pieces…

My dad had an operation last week.  It was fairly minor, but he can’t drive for a couple of weeks; so this morning I took him to his doctor’s medical centre to get his flu jab.  they must have been shooting the stuff in with a nail gun as each person in the queue was in and out in seconds.

While we were there we bumped into a couple of people (husband and wife) I haven’t seen since I was about nineteen.  They’re a bit older than my dad, but still looking very fit and healthy.  The woman had the cheek to say that I was “broader” than when she last saw me.  Blimey!  I’ve jut lost a bit more weight, too, which makes it 12 pounds in total since the beginning of September.

I went to see my son, David, and his girlfriend, Katie, and my grandaughter wasn’t there!  They went out to see a film last night and Leilani stayed at her aunt’s for the night.  I dropped David off on my way home as he was playing rugby this afternoon.

June and I went shopping this afternoon, which was a little odd.  Although we didn’t get a huge amount, the local Sainsbury’s seemed to be less well stocked than it usually is.  It’s not a big supermarket, but it’s always been pretty well stocked in the past.  Mind you, when we need to stock up in a big way we have to go through to Market Weighton and shop at the Tesco there.

There’s another supermarket being built in Pocklington and the local paper described it as a “discount supermarket”.  Aren’t they all?  I don’t know the details, but I suspect it’s going to be a Netto or a Lidl, which I can’t believe will get the custom.  We already have a Co-op and this doesn’t do nearly the amount of trade that Sainsbury’s does and it’s a bigger store.

The cat was all over my desk a little earlier while I was trying to catch up on my e-mails.  I have to push the keyboard away to give him space or he’d just walk all over it and today he just plonked himself down right in front of me and only moved when I’d stroked him and scratched behind his ears enough, at which point he jumped down and went back downstairs.  It’s good to know that I provide an adequate service for him.

I drew this week’s Mitchell cartoons a little while ago and prepared them for posting tomorrow and Friday.  I’m really getting into doing them.  With the semi-demise of Octavius I may return to doing three Mitchell cartoons a week.  I’ll see how I’m fixed when the latest workload clears itself.

It’s been pretty dull today and now it feels like it’s getting dark already even though it’s not quite 6pm.  I really dislike the way that the dark evenings rush onto us so rapidly at this time of year, especially when we put the clocks back later this month.

I don’t think June’s knee is quite up to a walk to the pub, so we’ll probably spend the evening in watching the TV.  I hope we have something good recorded because they’ve taken Wallender off this week.


I spent most of the last week ill.  A few days after I last posted I came down with a stinker of a cold that I’m still feeling the effects of now.  I went for a short walk to the shops this afternoon and it was about all I could manage, so I don’t know when I’ll be back to my regular exercise routine again.

It’s so frustrating for something like this to hit at a time when I’d just gotten into a good routine, but at least the weight has stayed down – I even lost another pound with the illness taking it out of me.  But I’d rather lose it through diet and exercise than through illness.

The thing I hate the most whenever I’m ill with a cold or flu, is the way it makes my head feel so woolly.  It’s as if my throughts are travelling through treacle at times and anything even slightly complex must be checked a couple of times in order to be sure that I’ve thought through it correctly.  One day I was reading a book and when I came back to it the next day I couldn’t remember what had happened.  I hope that was just the cold, at least.