I spent most of the last week ill.  A few days after I last posted I came down with a stinker of a cold that I’m still feeling the effects of now.  I went for a short walk to the shops this afternoon and it was about all I could manage, so I don’t know when I’ll be back to my regular exercise routine again.

It’s so frustrating for something like this to hit at a time when I’d just gotten into a good routine, but at least the weight has stayed down – I even lost another pound with the illness taking it out of me.  But I’d rather lose it through diet and exercise than through illness.

The thing I hate the most whenever I’m ill with a cold or flu, is the way it makes my head feel so woolly.  It’s as if my throughts are travelling through treacle at times and anything even slightly complex must be checked a couple of times in order to be sure that I’ve thought through it correctly.  One day I was reading a book and when I came back to it the next day I couldn’t remember what had happened.  I hope that was just the cold, at least.


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