Water, water…

I seem to be drinking more and more water all the time.  Well, fluids in general.  I don’t drink too much tea and coffee – maybe three mugs a day – and have a couple of glasses of juice – but inbetween these I seem to be drinking lots of water.

I’ve always been one for drinking water instead of over-doing the coffee or tea, but it’s definitely on the increase.  Sometimes I’ll drink a glass of water and still feel thirsty afterwards and so have another, which doesn’t strike me as a good sign.  And, of course, another effect of this is that I go to the loo an awful lot.

Yesterday I did a rough estimate on my fluid intake and I must be drinking something like 6 0r 7 litres of fluids in a day and it could be more.  I know that people vary in their intake, but this seems a lot more than the normal 4 litres I’ve seen quoted in various places.  Even if this amount is within reasonable bounds, what happens when I reduce this probably isn’t.

If I’m out for the day and don’t drink as regularly as I would normally do, the following day I can feel as if I’m unwell, which explains why I’ve been feeling so up and down lately.  I’ve only just made the connection and seen this as a pattern, but it explains so much.

June and I have a strong feeling that it could be diabetes, but I’ve had tests for this a couple of times in recent years.  However, this is clearly a serious problem so I’m going to have to visit the doctor again and insist on more tests.

Although no one wants to be diagnosed with a serious complaint, I’d rather have something I can get a handle on and learn to deal with than struggle along with something unknown that’s virtually impossible to treat.


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