Christmas Day

It’s been a long day so far – visiting family, fetching my dad back here, cooking the Christmas dinner and then taking him home again in the freezing cold. It was great to see everyone, particularly Caitlin and Leilani, my granddaughters. I think both of them were way too spoilt, 🙂 but it was a delight to see their faces.

Now I’ve just watched an excellent episode of Doctor Who and had my first beer of the day and can relax at last. I’m finally able to play on my new toy – my new iPad.

I must admit that I had mixed feelings about the iPad but when June offered to get me one for Christmas my feelings became surprisingly unmixed. Now to explore its wondrous delights. Well, when I’ve finished this blog post at least.

Now Coronation Street is on and while some of it is a bit cheesy there have been some wonderful lines.


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