A Day Out

I’m in a bus that’s rattling along like crazy travelling to Hull for a few drinks with my Dad and two of my sons. Surprisingly, I’m managing to type on my iPad but with difficulty – not from the vibration but the lack of elbow room.

I downloaded the i paper before I left and have just finished reading that. It’s a nice way to read the paper and illustrates the way the iPad can bring so many things together in a convenient device. It may well be the best tool for me to handle my increasing forgetfulness, too.

Lat last night I downloaded Evernote, which is what I’m typing this on (I’ll transfer it to my blog later). Because it syncs between devices it may well be useful for me to keep notes and get things down even at relatively inconvenient times. I may well keep my iPod touch by the bed instead of a notepad. However, like anything else, how useful something like this is depends on how it’s used and managed and first I need to discover its details.

After being nearly empty for most of the journey, the bus is beginning to fill up. If it gets too much fuller I may have to put the iPad away.

I saw a WordPress piece today about blogging every day. While the idea of this is pretty cool, there is always a danger that you force yourself to write trivial stuff just to make sure that you blog so often. I keep promising myself that I’ll blog more often but I really think it’s better to blog when I feel I have something to say.

Travelling along Hessle Road on the bus, I can’t help but think that it might be a mine of characters for some kind of fly on the wall documentary about the kind of charts who travel on the bus and who live in the area. There was one woman in particular who sounded more like a character from League of Gentlemen than anything else I’ve ever heard. I wish I could record it to capture the feel. Writing it would never quite do it.

I’m now on the bus back to Pocklington and the grey cloud layer has broken up a little which has made it brighter than it’s been for days, although it’s only just in time for the sun to set and the onset of night. I hope tomorrow will be much better.

Actually, the change to the day is rather rapid and as we move further North and West it seems that the cloud is breaking up more. I hope it doesn’t mean that it’s going to freeze hard tonight – we could do without a repeat of the harsh weather.


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