A new phone

Yesterday I received my new phone, an HTC Wildfire S, which is an Android based smartphone.  I’m already really pleased with it – not only can I send and receive e-mails and Tweets, I can post to my blog like this.  It doesn’t have the ease of a computer or even the iPad, but it’s pretty cool.  I’ve also found Evernote for it, which allows me to synchronize my notes between all my devices.  I may even use it as a phone, too.


4 thoughts on “A new phone

  1. New gadgets are always great fun!
    (Don’t drop it)

    Maybe I should take a look at an Android device, have been locked in the iOS cycle for years now.

  2. I like the iOS devices I have (iPod Touch and iPad) but a decent contract for an iPhone is three times or more than I’m paying for this one.

  3. Prices skyrocketed shortly after I renewed my contract almost a year ago. So I was lucky in a way (although I think it is still is a lot of money every month).

    Still a year to go for me to decide what to do next.

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