The Smoozles Alternative

If you haven’t been along to The Smoozles Alternative before can I ask you to give it a try?  It’s a comic strip I write which is illustrated by Stefano Collavini, a superb artist.  It’s a human version take on my other comic strip, Mr. Smoozles.  The stories have gone in very different directions.  We try to update the strip every week but sometimes stuff gets in the way so we hope you can bear with us when that happens.

Sam Suede – a request for help

We need your assistance.
The guys at Wisecrack games have put in years of blood, sweat & tears on the Sam Suede project.  Please share with all your friends, especially the gamers out there.
If you can become a backer, we’d really appreciate the support. Remember you will only be charged if the goal is reached.
Our campaign has just under a month to go, which is the normal campaign timeline for most Kickstarters. AND most successful Adventure Game Kickstarters have achieved their success in the 30 day window.
Anything you can do to spread the word will help all of us.
Every person counts.
We’ve made changes to the rewards and we will continue to add UPDATES, so check back often!
Thank you!

Bathroom Cabinet

I decided to build a bathroom cabinet to hide an ugly pipe, so I bought some doors and some wood and set about doing so.

Here’s a picture of the area before the cabinet went in:

Cabinet 1

Here it is with the cabinet in place and the doors attached for positioning:

Cabinet 2

And here it is with the door knobs attached and a final coat of paint:

Cabinet 3

We still need to get the tiling done, the decorating and find a matching toilet seat…

For those of you who want to see the inside:

Cabinet 4

My assistant wasn’t much help at all: