Bathroom Cabinet

I decided to build a bathroom cabinet to hide an ugly pipe, so I bought some doors and some wood and set about doing so.

Here’s a picture of the area before the cabinet went in:

Cabinet 1

Here it is with the cabinet in place and the doors attached for positioning:

Cabinet 2

And here it is with the door knobs attached and a final coat of paint:

Cabinet 3

We still need to get the tiling done, the decorating and find a matching toilet seat…

For those of you who want to see the inside:

Cabinet 4

My assistant wasn’t much help at all:


8 thoughts on “Bathroom Cabinet

  1. Nice job! Merlin is just a bit tired from designing blueprints for a walk-in closet for his toys and food (rather difficult if you haven’t got an opposable thumb).

  2. I’m mightily impressed, it’s attractive and far more functional than the simple boxing-in that most people would opt for.

    Steve Ince, a writer and a carpenter; you are a true polymath!

    I’m also noticing that you seem to have adventure-game-quantities of loo roll, whatever fiendish puzzle could you have in mind? 😉

  3. What an excellent idea, it is functional and attractive. Good work and a great way to hide that pipe and add something useful to your bathroom at the same time. Merlin is adorable and looks completely happy there!

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