I love Zite.  If you don’t know of it you can look at the Zite website.  I read it every day on my iPad and it’s such a useful way to get news and articles about the things I’m interested in.  Not only can you set the categories you want, it will learn from your preferences if you like or dislike articles you read.  It’s also really easy to post links to Twitter and Facebook.

And now I have a good Android phone I’ve installed it on there, too.  Perfect.

I never felt that general interest print magazines covered the kind of things I wanted and specialist magazines were too specialised, if that makes sense.  Now Zite is the kind of thing that appeals to me on all sorts of levels, from gaming news to articles on writing to world news to comics.  It pulls together a great mix of serious and light, heavy reading and the trivial.

I think it’s what tablets and smart phones were invented for. 🙂

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