Today, June and I went grocery shopping at Tesco.  Normally we go to Sainsbury’s or the Co-Op in Pocklington but the Tesco in Market Weighton is a much larger store and has a greater range of items, so every once in a while we go there to stock up on the the things we can’t get locally.

On the way back we decided to eat out for lunch and stopped at a pub we haven’t tried before, even though it’s pretty close to Pocklington.  The food was reasonably priced on the menu and I’m always a little wary that it might mean they skimp on the quality or the portions.  However, when the food arrived it came on plates that made out eyes boggle – neither of us managed to finish it all but what we had was delicious for pub fare and we’ll definitely go back again.  Even now, a couple of hours later, I’m feeling pretty stuffed and the work I was going to do in the garden will have to wait a little longer.  If you’re ever in the Pocklington area and looking for a pub meal it’s worth checking out the Wellington Oak on the A1079.  If you know the area at all, it’s opposite the Pocklington Canal.

We bought a new pair of phones for the landline while we were in Tesco – our old ones were giving all kinds of problems and I’m always concerned about missing business calls.  No worry now.  🙂  The installation of them was a doddle, which is a contrast to the previous ones as they took a lot of faffing with.

We’ve had quite a change in the house over the past couple of weeks.  The smallest bedroom, which had the treadmill in, has now been taken over by June’s two desks – computer and art – and this has left more room downstairs.  Well, there would be more room if we’d managed to find someone who wanted the treadmill, but so far no luck.  Maybe it’s going to be a permanent fixture in the dining room.


The landline phone is back, which means the broadband is back, which means lots of glorious online distractions and the chance to do a proper blog post.

Today has been mostly spent not online as I went to visit family as I try to do every other week.  This time, for a change, I took David and Leilani to see my Dad and brother (Katie wasn’t feeling too well, which was a shame).  A short time after we got there she fell asleep and when she woke up David asked if I wanted to feed her, which I obviously did.  I love feeding babies – they always seem so content and cute when taking the bottle.

Just as she was getting close to finishing the feed, she started filling her nappy in a big way.  I didn’t thinkshe was goign to stop and there was so much of it that it leaked out of the edges and onto my trousers.


Although it’s never very pleasant, it’s hardly the end of the world and as Leilani was giggling away it was hard to be mad at all.  Needless to say, I drove home with the windows down all the way.

Unfortunately, when I got home I found that June had had indigestion all day and has just spent the last four hours asleep on the couch.  I hope that it’s nothing too troubling as she needs to be well enough to have her knee operation in a couple of weeks.

I’ve just been watering many of the plants in the garden.  It really seems to dry out very quickly in this weather.  I think that if we get any more summers like this one we may have to think of a bit more shade to help retain some of the moisture.

I’ve also been drawing the two Mitchell cartoons for this week, the first of which I’ll be posting tomorrow as the schedule gets back on track after my unplanned hiatus.

As far as my own health goes, although I’ve been feeling pretty tired with the hot weather, generally I’ve felt much more positive over the last week or so.  Not only has the game writing been going very well, the development of my TV comedy idea has progressed well and I’m almost at the point of doing something with it.  The script for the first episode needs another draft, but the structure is strong and the comedy, I think, works well.

A hot, busy day…

Well, busy in a relative sense.  I went to see various members of the family today.

My father and I went to my mother’s grave to take some flowers.  It would have been her birthday today so it was good to go with him.  We took a watering can with us so that we could give the grass on the grave a good soaking – it’s been ages since we had any decent rain.  My sister must have been there before us as there were already some flowers by the headstone.  By the time Dad and I had placed ours there, too it was quite a beautiful spread.

I then went to see David and Katie and my youngest granddaughter, Leilani.

Leilani at four months old (nearly)

 She was really pleasant the whole time I was there and I even got to feed her.  She must have been really hungry because she was sucking on the bottle like crazy.  This was taken after her feed and she just seems so content.  David and Katie were good, too.

I then went to visit Shaun, Emma and Caitlin, my older granddaughter.

Caitlin with static electricity in her hair

She’d been at dance class this morning and when I got to the house she’d already changed and was in her paddling pool in the garden.  A little later she got changed and went on the trampoline, which is what caused the static charge to build up.  she’s also in the process of losing her milk teeth and getting her adult ones.  Shaun and Emma are in the middle of lots of garden and house renovation and I was thankful they didn’t manage to rope me in.

At the moment I’m in the process of watering my lawn, which is so dry I wonder if it will ever recover.  then I must do some cartoons for the week…

A Mixed Bag and a Very Funny Story

Yesterday I took June to the hospital in York because she’s been having trouble with her knee – the oposite one to the one she had fixed last time.  While I was waiting I managed to type up a few notes and develop a few ideas for the TV comedy project I’m working on.  Although that progressed well, June found out that she’s going to have to get the knee replaced, which she isn’t looking forward to, but as she’s already in pain anyway the long term means it’s the better option.

When we got back I went for a walk and seemed okay until half way when I suddenly felt very weak and quite dreadful.  this continued even after I returned and I was forced to have a nap on the bed.  When I woke I had a coffee but didn’t really pick up until the evening.

This morning I felt pretty good again, which is just as well as it was another trip out.  This time I took June to the eye clinic in the hospital in Hull where she was having a check-up on the progress of her cataracts.  The news was a bit better here as they haven’t yet got so bad that she’s in need of an operation and her actual eyesight has improved slightly since she was last tested.  On the way home we bought a cherry tree from the garden centre.

While I was sitting in the hospital this morning waiting for June, I overheard a couple who were sitting to my right.  I thought at first that they were husband and wife because he looked to be in his seventies and she looked about the same age.  It actually turned out that she was his mother and he’d brought her into the hospital, but although she was obviously grateful, their conversation showed how independently minded she was.

Him:  I think you should move into a bungalow.
Her:  I don’t want to move.  I’m happy where I am.
Him:  If you moved into a bungalow near us I could keep an eye on you.
Her:  I don’t need you to keep an eye on me.  Besides, I like living where I am.  I don’t need to move.
Him:  I’ll put you a new handrail on your stairs then.
Her:  I don’t need a new handrail.
Him:  I’ll do it in wood so it matches your other one.
Her:  I don’t want a new handrail.
Him:  Okay, I’m just worried about you getting old.
Her:  I’m not getting old.
Him:  Well, you’re 97.
Her:  97 isn’t old!

I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from laughing out loud.  But good for her for not letting him do things she doesn’t want.

Sunny Saturday – mostly

The weather has been pretty good today, with the sun out most of the time, although we keep getting some clouds coming over.  I’m currently inside having drawn the Mitchell and Octavius cartoons for this week and prepared them for the web site.  All while listening to the wonderful Miles Davis.

I finished off the first draft of my TV script yesterday, which pleased me no end.  Although I’m pretty pleased with it (for a first draft) I’ve asked a few friends for their opinions.  It’s easy to be too close to our creations and get wrapped up in the excitement of actually finishing a piece, so I need a bit of a reality check.  Fingers crossed.

Yesterday evening I mowed the lawn and this morning I trimmed the hedges at the front of the house.  June’s been planting out some new plants and shrubs as well as tidying up and the whole garden looks pretty good at the moment.  The lawn isn’t in the best condition, but it had a lot of moss in it from the winter and although I’ve been treating it the shortage of rain over the past couple of months hasn’t helped matters.  Although we had some rain earlier this week, the lawn is only just beginning to show signs of improving now.

Went to the supermarket after lunch to get a few things.  You’d think it was a bank holiday or Christmas the way people seemed to be stocking up.  All I can think of is that there must be a lot of parties going on for the England match this evening.  Me, I’ll be watching the Grand Prix qualifying and then Doctor Who.  While I hope that England do well, I can’t sit and watch football.  Rugby League is a whole different matter, of course. 🙂