A walk on the Wolds

I try to go for a walk most days as it’s about the only exercise I get.  Today, with it being so beautiful, I decided to go for a walk up on the Wolds.  Ten minutes on foot from our house and up on the edge of the Wolds and I should get up there more often.  Through some woods, along the side of the golf course, down through more woods, along a few country lanes and back home.  Lovely!  I thought I was going to get attacked by a group of farm dogs at one point but they bounded up, barking like crazy, then shot off as soon as they’d checked me out.

Here are a few pics I took with my phone:

Wolds 1

Woods 1

Woods 2


Today, June and I went grocery shopping at Tesco.  Normally we go to Sainsbury’s or the Co-Op in Pocklington but the Tesco in Market Weighton is a much larger store and has a greater range of items, so every once in a while we go there to stock up on the the things we can’t get locally.

On the way back we decided to eat out for lunch and stopped at a pub we haven’t tried before, even though it’s pretty close to Pocklington.  The food was reasonably priced on the menu and I’m always a little wary that it might mean they skimp on the quality or the portions.  However, when the food arrived it came on plates that made out eyes boggle – neither of us managed to finish it all but what we had was delicious for pub fare and we’ll definitely go back again.  Even now, a couple of hours later, I’m feeling pretty stuffed and the work I was going to do in the garden will have to wait a little longer.  If you’re ever in the Pocklington area and looking for a pub meal it’s worth checking out the Wellington Oak on the A1079.  If you know the area at all, it’s opposite the Pocklington Canal.

We bought a new pair of phones for the landline while we were in Tesco – our old ones were giving all kinds of problems and I’m always concerned about missing business calls.  No worry now.  🙂  The installation of them was a doddle, which is a contrast to the previous ones as they took a lot of faffing with.

We’ve had quite a change in the house over the past couple of weeks.  The smallest bedroom, which had the treadmill in, has now been taken over by June’s two desks – computer and art – and this has left more room downstairs.  Well, there would be more room if we’d managed to find someone who wanted the treadmill, but so far no luck.  Maybe it’s going to be a permanent fixture in the dining room.

A day of bits and pieces…

My dad had an operation last week.  It was fairly minor, but he can’t drive for a couple of weeks; so this morning I took him to his doctor’s medical centre to get his flu jab.  they must have been shooting the stuff in with a nail gun as each person in the queue was in and out in seconds.

While we were there we bumped into a couple of people (husband and wife) I haven’t seen since I was about nineteen.  They’re a bit older than my dad, but still looking very fit and healthy.  The woman had the cheek to say that I was “broader” than when she last saw me.  Blimey!  I’ve jut lost a bit more weight, too, which makes it 12 pounds in total since the beginning of September.

I went to see my son, David, and his girlfriend, Katie, and my grandaughter wasn’t there!  They went out to see a film last night and Leilani stayed at her aunt’s for the night.  I dropped David off on my way home as he was playing rugby this afternoon.

June and I went shopping this afternoon, which was a little odd.  Although we didn’t get a huge amount, the local Sainsbury’s seemed to be less well stocked than it usually is.  It’s not a big supermarket, but it’s always been pretty well stocked in the past.  Mind you, when we need to stock up in a big way we have to go through to Market Weighton and shop at the Tesco there.

There’s another supermarket being built in Pocklington and the local paper described it as a “discount supermarket”.  Aren’t they all?  I don’t know the details, but I suspect it’s going to be a Netto or a Lidl, which I can’t believe will get the custom.  We already have a Co-op and this doesn’t do nearly the amount of trade that Sainsbury’s does and it’s a bigger store.

The cat was all over my desk a little earlier while I was trying to catch up on my e-mails.  I have to push the keyboard away to give him space or he’d just walk all over it and today he just plonked himself down right in front of me and only moved when I’d stroked him and scratched behind his ears enough, at which point he jumped down and went back downstairs.  It’s good to know that I provide an adequate service for him.

I drew this week’s Mitchell cartoons a little while ago and prepared them for posting tomorrow and Friday.  I’m really getting into doing them.  With the semi-demise of Octavius I may return to doing three Mitchell cartoons a week.  I’ll see how I’m fixed when the latest workload clears itself.

It’s been pretty dull today and now it feels like it’s getting dark already even though it’s not quite 6pm.  I really dislike the way that the dark evenings rush onto us so rapidly at this time of year, especially when we put the clocks back later this month.

I don’t think June’s knee is quite up to a walk to the pub, so we’ll probably spend the evening in watching the TV.  I hope we have something good recorded because they’ve taken Wallender off this week.

The Difference of a Day

I can’t believe how much better I feel today.  My head is so much more together and I think that part of it has to do with writing those two blog posts yesterday evening.  If that’s really the case, then the original intention of this blog – to help with my moods and focus – is working.

My TV script idea feels much more cohesive after some work on it today and I even changed one of the characters quite considerably to give it a better balance.  Although there is an element of the cliche about it, still, I think that my approach is different enough that it will push through that aspect and work anyway.  My intention is to finish off the first draft fairly quickly and then show it to some friends for feedback.

Had my hair cut today for the first time in ages.  It feels really weird because I’d let it grow so long and now there’s something missing from my neck.  I think it will be at least a week before it settles back in again.

I spotted a hedgehog in the garden this morning, which is unusual for the daytime.  June went out to film it with the camcorder and noticed that it had an injury on its head.  We have no idea if it’s caught it on a thorn or the cat’s had a swipe at it, but June brought it into the house and it’s currently in a cardboard box in the kitchen.  We’ll release it back into the garden when we let the cat in for the night.

One of the supermarkets in Pocklington recently changed from a Somerfield to a Co-op.  It’s all been done out very nicely, but the arrangement of the shelves feels very confusing.  I think I’ll stick to the Sainsbury’s a little further down the road for most of my shopping, although it gets a little crazy at times and isn’t really large enough for the customers they get.  God knows what will happen when they start building all the new houses around the town.

Lunchtime walk – and conflict of the sexes

Today has been a little cooler than it was over the weekend, which made my lunchtime walk a little more pleasant.  I always like to go for a half hour walk at lunch, usually incorporating a trip to the shop if we’re in need of a loaf of bread or something.

There are a few different routes I take for variety and today’s took me past one of the town’s schools, which is a primary school.  I’m a little out of the loop these days so I’m not entirely sure of the age range, but I think it’s 5 to 11 years of age.  The playing field is bounded by a hedge and as I walked along the side of the hedge I could hear a female teacher explaining to her pupils how to throw a ball.  It must have culminated in her throwing it because she said, “There, just like that.”  She followed this with, “I know it’s not brilliant, but I thought it was pretty good for a girl.”

It actually quite shocked me that a teacher would use a phrase like that in this day and age.  What sort of lesson is this teaching those pupils?  That girls have to apologise just for being girls?

Now I undeerstand that there are and always will be differences between the sexes.  Girls like to do girl things and boys like to do boy things and we shouldn’t stop them from making uncoerced choices.  I also understand the need for competition, both amongst the members of each sex and between the sexes, but no one – male or female – should ever feel they need to apologise for any natural lack of expertise or ability whatever the context.

This actually reminds me of a time when June and I were first looking at houses in this area.  We went to one house that smelled really strongly of dog as soon as we walked in.  So strong that I felt like being sick.  The guy apologised and said that his wife had divorced him a few months ago and “well, you know us men are no good at housework and stuff”.


Any man who cannot keep a house clean, wash and iron clothes, sew a button on, take up the hem of a pair of jeans, cook a meal, wash pots, etc. etc. should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.  My father is in his seventies and even though he’s not as sprightly as he used to be he still maintains his house to a high degree of cleanliness.  He even spent a lot of time nursing my mother until she passed away last year.

When it comes down to ordinary, everyday things of just getting on with our lives, neither sex should claim to be better or weaker than the other, we should just do these things.

Of course, my position on gender equality is undermined to a small degree when I’m informed that dealing with spiders “is a man thing”.