A Smack to the Head…

Someone just started following this blog and it dawned on me that I haven’t posted here in absolutely ages.  As I’m awaiting feedback on a few things I thought I’d take the quiet moment to rectify the situation.  Maybe it will even inspire me to update the damn thing more often.  Or maybe I need a smack to the head to make me do so.

So, what to write about?

My grandkids are all growing faster than I’d like (six of them, now).  It makes me seem old just watching them change so much every time I see them.  My youngest, Ariana, has started cutting teeth and it hardly seems five minutes since she was born.  And my eldest, Caitlin, is rapidly approaching her 11th birthday.  And now I realise I’m sounding like every other old fogey out there.

When I’m writing it’s like age has no relevance whatsoever.  My mind is fired up, sharp, filled with ideas and in love with the words.

Speaking of my mind, I’ve been feeling a bit more creative since coming off my medication recently.  Although there are still a few problems, I think I’d rather manage them than go through the slightly disconnected feelings I’ve been having.  It seemed like my emotions were all dulled and my rational mind was taking too much control.

Take my brother, for instance.  I just realised I didn’t post here about how he was rushed into hospital last year and, after an emergency operation, was diagnosed with cancer.  Because of the medication I was on it didn’t properly register with my emotions and I began to feel a little guilty that I wasn’t more upset by the awful news.  Over Christmas he was in a really bad way and my rational reaction made me think I had to do something about my medication.  I’ve had a few weeps since then.  Although my brother’s condition is not good in the long term, recently he’s been a lot better on a day-to-day basis and I go and see him a couple of times a week.

I’ve been incredibly busy with the writing lately, which is always good considering I’m a freelance writer, but I’ve pretty much given up on the comics as a result and don’t have as much time for drawing and painting as I once did.  Ah well, I can’t do everything.

Spring is filling the garden with new growth and buds and a few early flowers.  We have frogspawn in the pond and the goldfish have survived the winter okay.  We even have a new footpath.


Another year goes by…

It’s that time of year again.  That one where, if I’m not careful, I’ll depress myself with thoughts of advancing years.  However, I have a lot to be thankful for (pressies, for a start) so I should be positive and look at the good things like June, family, friends and a job I enjoy doing.  Blimey!  When I think of all the unfortunate people in the world (poor, hungry, ill, opressed) I’m a very lucky guy.  I wish everyone could have my level of fortune.  Take care.


I also figured that if I stop counting the years I may stop growing older.  😀

Selene came to visit

My youngest granddaughter came to visit today, with her parents of course.  It was great to see them and to have a most enjoyable lunch with them at one of the nearby pubs.  As the rules dictate, I took a gratuitous picture or ten and here’s one I thought I’d share.


A third granddaughter

It’s eleven thirty at night and I’ve just spoken to my son, Jason, on the phone. His wife, Suzanne, has just given birth to their first child, a daughter called Selene, whose name I hope I’ve spelled correctly. Needless to say, I’m very happy that the baby and mother are both doing well. No doubt Jason will be as pleased as punch.

This is now my third granddaughter – no grandsons so far. 🙂

A Day Out

I’m in a bus that’s rattling along like crazy travelling to Hull for a few drinks with my Dad and two of my sons. Surprisingly, I’m managing to type on my iPad but with difficulty – not from the vibration but the lack of elbow room.

I downloaded the i paper before I left and have just finished reading that. It’s a nice way to read the paper and illustrates the way the iPad can bring so many things together in a convenient device. It may well be the best tool for me to handle my increasing forgetfulness, too.

Lat last night I downloaded Evernote, which is what I’m typing this on (I’ll transfer it to my blog later). Because it syncs between devices it may well be useful for me to keep notes and get things down even at relatively inconvenient times. I may well keep my iPod touch by the bed instead of a notepad. However, like anything else, how useful something like this is depends on how it’s used and managed and first I need to discover its details.

After being nearly empty for most of the journey, the bus is beginning to fill up. If it gets too much fuller I may have to put the iPad away.

I saw a WordPress piece today about blogging every day. While the idea of this is pretty cool, there is always a danger that you force yourself to write trivial stuff just to make sure that you blog so often. I keep promising myself that I’ll blog more often but I really think it’s better to blog when I feel I have something to say.

Travelling along Hessle Road on the bus, I can’t help but think that it might be a mine of characters for some kind of fly on the wall documentary about the kind of charts who travel on the bus and who live in the area. There was one woman in particular who sounded more like a character from League of Gentlemen than anything else I’ve ever heard. I wish I could record it to capture the feel. Writing it would never quite do it.

I’m now on the bus back to Pocklington and the grey cloud layer has broken up a little which has made it brighter than it’s been for days, although it’s only just in time for the sun to set and the onset of night. I hope tomorrow will be much better.

Actually, the change to the day is rather rapid and as we move further North and West it seems that the cloud is breaking up more. I hope it doesn’t mean that it’s going to freeze hard tonight – we could do without a repeat of the harsh weather.

A Quiet Day

Today I had a little lie-in, which was pretty cool. However I don’t like to spend too long in bed or I feel as if I’m wasting my own time. Besides, I need to put out seeds for the birds and squirrels in this cold weather, even though it’s been slightly milder today.

I seem to have spent a lot of today doing very little, but I went out for a walk in the sleet to get a paper. The centre of Pocklington was really quiet and even the pubs I passed had virtually no one drinking in them.

I received a call from my dad who’d just returned from taking my brother to the hospital where they found that he had a broken ankle. He fell over on Christmas eve and thought he’d just twisted his ankle, but it turns out he’s been limping on a broken ankle for three days.

This afternoon I watched Inception for the first time and while I thought it was a good film it wasn’t as clever as I’d been led to believe it was.

I managed to fit in some time to draw an prepare a couple of Mitchell cartoons for tomorrow and Friday. I hope I can find time to do Wednesday’s Mr. Smoozles comic strip as we’re out visiting much of the day.

Oops, it’s after midnight so I’d better call it a night, particularly as the cat is giving me funny looks. I think he wants feeding.

Christmas Day

It’s been a long day so far – visiting family, fetching my dad back here, cooking the Christmas dinner and then taking him home again in the freezing cold. It was great to see everyone, particularly Caitlin and Leilani, my granddaughters. I think both of them were way too spoilt, 🙂 but it was a delight to see their faces.

Now I’ve just watched an excellent episode of Doctor Who and had my first beer of the day and can relax at last. I’m finally able to play on my new toy – my new iPad.

I must admit that I had mixed feelings about the iPad but when June offered to get me one for Christmas my feelings became surprisingly unmixed. Now to explore its wondrous delights. Well, when I’ve finished this blog post at least.

Now Coronation Street is on and while some of it is a bit cheesy there have been some wonderful lines.