Garden photos

I spent quite a bit of time in the garden today so I thought I’d post some photos.


Bathroom Cabinet

I decided to build a bathroom cabinet to hide an ugly pipe, so I bought some doors and some wood and set about doing so.

Here’s a picture of the area before the cabinet went in:

Cabinet 1

Here it is with the cabinet in place and the doors attached for positioning:

Cabinet 2

And here it is with the door knobs attached and a final coat of paint:

Cabinet 3

We still need to get the tiling done, the decorating and find a matching toilet seat…

For those of you who want to see the inside:

Cabinet 4

My assistant wasn’t much help at all:


Another year goes by…

It’s that time of year again.  That one where, if I’m not careful, I’ll depress myself with thoughts of advancing years.  However, I have a lot to be thankful for (pressies, for a start) so I should be positive and look at the good things like June, family, friends and a job I enjoy doing.  Blimey!  When I think of all the unfortunate people in the world (poor, hungry, ill, opressed) I’m a very lucky guy.  I wish everyone could have my level of fortune.  Take care.


I also figured that if I stop counting the years I may stop growing older.  😀


Today, June and I went grocery shopping at Tesco.  Normally we go to Sainsbury’s or the Co-Op in Pocklington but the Tesco in Market Weighton is a much larger store and has a greater range of items, so every once in a while we go there to stock up on the the things we can’t get locally.

On the way back we decided to eat out for lunch and stopped at a pub we haven’t tried before, even though it’s pretty close to Pocklington.  The food was reasonably priced on the menu and I’m always a little wary that it might mean they skimp on the quality or the portions.  However, when the food arrived it came on plates that made out eyes boggle – neither of us managed to finish it all but what we had was delicious for pub fare and we’ll definitely go back again.  Even now, a couple of hours later, I’m feeling pretty stuffed and the work I was going to do in the garden will have to wait a little longer.  If you’re ever in the Pocklington area and looking for a pub meal it’s worth checking out the Wellington Oak on the A1079.  If you know the area at all, it’s opposite the Pocklington Canal.

We bought a new pair of phones for the landline while we were in Tesco – our old ones were giving all kinds of problems and I’m always concerned about missing business calls.  No worry now.  🙂  The installation of them was a doddle, which is a contrast to the previous ones as they took a lot of faffing with.

We’ve had quite a change in the house over the past couple of weeks.  The smallest bedroom, which had the treadmill in, has now been taken over by June’s two desks – computer and art – and this has left more room downstairs.  Well, there would be more room if we’d managed to find someone who wanted the treadmill, but so far no luck.  Maybe it’s going to be a permanent fixture in the dining room.

A Quiet Day

Today I had a little lie-in, which was pretty cool. However I don’t like to spend too long in bed or I feel as if I’m wasting my own time. Besides, I need to put out seeds for the birds and squirrels in this cold weather, even though it’s been slightly milder today.

I seem to have spent a lot of today doing very little, but I went out for a walk in the sleet to get a paper. The centre of Pocklington was really quiet and even the pubs I passed had virtually no one drinking in them.

I received a call from my dad who’d just returned from taking my brother to the hospital where they found that he had a broken ankle. He fell over on Christmas eve and thought he’d just twisted his ankle, but it turns out he’s been limping on a broken ankle for three days.

This afternoon I watched Inception for the first time and while I thought it was a good film it wasn’t as clever as I’d been led to believe it was.

I managed to fit in some time to draw an prepare a couple of Mitchell cartoons for tomorrow and Friday. I hope I can find time to do Wednesday’s Mr. Smoozles comic strip as we’re out visiting much of the day.

Oops, it’s after midnight so I’d better call it a night, particularly as the cat is giving me funny looks. I think he wants feeding.

Sunday Morning, Feeling Good

June and I went for a drink last night, I had a bit of a lie-in this morning, I took my time getting myself together and I feel good.

There’s evidence to suggest that, taken in moderation, alcohol is good for us.  As I haven’t been out for a drink for a few weeks, visiting the pub last night was very welcome indeed.  I don’t like to get drunk these days, but three pints of Abbot Ale, which is fairly strong, was enough to make me a little merry.

So this morning I feel good.  I was hoping to trim the hedges at the front of the house, but it’s blowing a gale at the moment and I’d probably end up chasing the clippings down the street.  I’ll mow the lawn this afternoon once it’s dry again after yesterday’s rain.

On the subject of feeling good, or not, this article on the BBC news site suggests why we creative types may all be a little mad.  When we try to deal with our problems, it’s often easier to do so if we can get some sort of handle on the  causes of those problems.

I posted a new Mitchell cartoon this morning, which I drew yesterday.  Just the thought of him rolling about with laughter at the misfortunes of a dog makes me smile.  I have nothing against dogs, but have no difficulty putting myself into Mitchell’s position and seeing why he would find it so hilarious.  This is probably what the BBC article was pointing to with the similarity to schizophrenia in creative minds.  Well-developed characters speak in our minds with their own voices, but we know they are only the creations of our imagination.

The next Story to Nowhere episode will be posted tomorrow and this morning I created it.  I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to say, but as I began writing it came to me quite quickly, along with the idea that I wanted to draw the image in pencil instead of in Photoshop as I have been doing.  I don’t know if this will continue, but I’m pretty pleased with the end result.

By the smell of the aromas drifting up the stairs, I think that my lunch is being prepared by June and so I’ll close this off before I’m called to the table.  Now I can smell it I realise I’m feeling rather peckish…