Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso – A Top Ten Game

The Independent, a UK national newspaper, has just published a top ten list of free games and they included my game, Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso, which can be downloaded here.

I’m very honoured to be in the list, so huge thanks to Will Coldwell for putting the game in there.

(If you don’t know, the game is downloadable to play on PC only.)

MSGN Game Screen

The Smoozles Alternative

If you haven’t been along to The Smoozles Alternative before can I ask you to give it a try?  It’s a comic strip I write which is illustrated by Stefano Collavini, a superb artist.  It’s a human version take on my other comic strip, Mr. Smoozles.  The stories have gone in very different directions.  We try to update the strip every week but sometimes stuff gets in the way so we hope you can bear with us when that happens.