The World is Screwed

I was actually going to use a much cruder word instead of “screwed” in the title and this was going to be a blistering rant about the state of the world and everything that’s currently getting to me (politics, environment, economy, etc.) but I’m really not in the right frame of mind to write it.  And when I’m in a better frame of mind I probably won’t feel like being so negative.  So the fact that I can’t be bothered about such important topics shows that today is a pretty non-good day.

It’s been grey and miserable all day, with lots of rain, which hasn’t helped at all.  But really, I’ve struggled with my writing today and haven’t been able to get my head into the right gear to make any headway with either my novel or my TV script.

That may be part of the problem, of course, having two personal projects on the go like this means that I swing between the two, always wanting to work on the other when I start into one of them.  And I’m worried that the TV idea is a bit cliched, even though I’ve written some good scenes.  Do I finish off the first episode or ditch the whole thing?  Who on Earth knows?

I went for a walk after lunch – in the rain – and didn’t feel any better when I came back.  I passed one old guy during the walk and he said just one word as I passed: “miserable”.  I hope he was talking about the weather and not me.  I can do without personal comments from complete strangers.

I feel like rolling up and hiding.  Though I’m not sure who from.