Happy New Year!

I hope it brings you all the very best you could wish for.

Happy New Year


New year song

I wrote a song for the new year, which is weird as I can’t sing.  However, I’ve put together a rough mix of the music with a “guitar” sound standing in for the vocals:

Here is a link to the lyrics if anyone fancies having a go at singing it.



Happy New Year!


Not for the faint hearted

If you are offended by the use of profanity you may want to leave now.

I know I’m not a US citizen and I maybe don’t have the right to comment on another country’s affairs, but the recent school shooting and the stance of the NRA has really bugged the hell out of me.  So much so that I wrote a short song:

Unfortunately, I can’t sing to save my life so you’re going to have to imagine someone singing the following words:

NRA, you’re a wanker!
NRA, you’re a wanker!
NRA, you’re a wanker!
NRA, you’re a wanker!
You’re so full of fucking shit!

Thank you.

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